DaBlock is researching and developing protocols, tools and new business models for sustainable blockchain and token economies.
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Mission Statement.

To form an eco-system of cooperatives developing platforms, modules and solutions for better economies and human cooperation based on blockchain token economy and DAOs. The core values shared by the alliance members are:

  • Democracy
  • Real value investments
  • Mutual Growth
  • Open Source and Transparency
Member cooperatives pledge to contribute 5% of their tokens to the alliance fund.

Alliance Fund

The purpose of the fund is:

  • To drive usage and adoption of the solutions developed by its members
  • To invest in new cooperatives that wish to become part of the alliance
  • To invest in projects to the benefit of the alliance members
The fund will be controlled by all members, each coopeartive will have one vote.




Kibutz Tzuba

5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines